Quantitative Analysis of Competencies from Glassdoor Job Descriptions: Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing Positions



The rapid digitalization of industries necessitates a shift in the skills and competencies of marketing professionals. Despite this transformation, there persists a tendency to treat digital marketing as an extension of traditional marketing, lacking recognition of the specific skills required for digital roles. This research aimed to bridge this gap by quantitatively analysing job descriptions from job and recruiting website Glassdoor to identify and compare the distinct skills needed for digital and traditional marketing roles. Principal Component Analysis was employed to derive six factors representing main skill groups. Logistic regression was used to reveal distinct competencies between digital and traditional marketing roles, emphasizing the importance of social media and CRM for digital marketing and Sales and Communication for traditional roles. From company and position aspects only Working with an Agency was found significant for digital marketers. Understanding the competencies will enhance digital marketing theory and can help universities and companies in educating digital marketers and preparing them for the future.


competencies, skills, digital marketing, traditional marketing, Glassdoor, quantitative analysis





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