Current Global ESG Investment Products and Their Performance Implications



This article aims to research the current global offering of environmental, social
and governance (ESG) investment products and assess their impact on financial performance.
Through the method of systematic literature review and secondary cross-sectional research of
market data, we analyzed the current availability, geographical structure, and volume of ESG
investments, while using scatterplot and correlation analysis we also measured its impact on
performance. As part of the results, the regions of the United States of America and Europe,
with particular emphasis on the Netherlands, were identified as the most active ESG markets.
At the same time, a positive dependence with coefficient β1 = 0,517 was found between the
ESG rating of the 100 largest ESG ETF funds and their 5-year accumulated performance. The
research results thus represent valuable knowledge for investors, asset managers and policy
makers who can utilize the integration of ESG principles in their investment strategies.


ESG investment, green investing, investment products, portfolio management,
sustainable finance



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