How Do You See the Environment, Young Czech Consumer and Employee?



For employers, product designers, marketers but also for legal representatives, it
is important to know what the views of the younger generation are, how they see the current
trends in marketing and society. Research conducted among the young Czech population
contributes to answering these questions. Survey ascertains the opinions of people aged 19
27. Topics such as sustainability, ecology, waste sorting, work-life balance, the importance of
an employer’s reputation, but also opinions on the role of the state in the fight against
misinformation are investigated. Research, based on quantitative analysis, brings information,
for example, a prevailing positive opinion on the importance of environmental issues, but it
must not be too burdensome and restrictive for individuals or disclosure that young people are
supporters of equal access to job opportunities, which is not regulated by official quotas and
recommended preferences.


Generation Z, marketing research, work-life balance, sustainability



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