Cross-Border Acquisition of a Slovak Start-up by an American Company: Who Benefits More?



Businesses that want to stay competitive need to react to changes in a global
arena. One of the strategies they may use is to acquire innovative start-up. The aim of the
article is to identify the benefits that accrue to stakeholders from the acquisition of a Slovak
start-up Exponea by an American company Bloomreach in 2021. Due to the lack of resources
in the Slovak literature on Slovak start-up acquisitions, the authors use a single case study.
They conclude that both sides benefit from the deal. For a start-up, the primary advantages
are: start-up owners’ profit; the start-up becoming an important part of the future market
giant and growth in the number of employees. The advantages for the American company
consist of a new approach to digital marketing automation and enhanced product recognition
in the European market.


innovation, cross-border acquisition, benefits for acquirer and acquiree, start-up,



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