The Influence of Emotional Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Behaviour: A Big Data Perspective. A systematic review.



This paper explores the integration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) within
the framework of emotional marketing to influence consumer behaviour and perceptions.
Leveraging big data and digital technology, the study emphasizes CSR’s role as a pivotal
element in shaping consumer connections through targeted emotional engagement. By
analysing theoretical and empirical sources, the paper categorizes CSR impacts into gratitude
and identity dimensions, illustrating how they foster consumer loyalty and advocacy. The
methodology combines literature review and network analysis to assess CSR’s influence on
consumer emotions and decision-making processes. The research results reveal that CSR,
when effectively communicated, enhances corporate image and stakeholder engagement,
influencing consumer behaviour positively. The research paper argues for the strategic
alignment of CSR initiatives with consumer expectations, facilitated by digital advancements
that enhance transparency and interaction. It concludes by highlighting the need for future
research focused on the nuanced responses of different consumer segments to CSR activities,
aiming for a more inclusive understanding of CSR’s impact in the emotional marketing.


corporate social responsibility, big data, consumer behaviour, emotional
marketing, systematic review



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