Neuromarketing as a Tool for Data Acquisition in Consumer Behaviour

Róbert Hula


Technological progress brings several benefits in different areas. It allows us to look at the consumer and his behaviour in a completely different way than before. For a long time now, it has not just been about examining purchasing decisions, today it is about finding out the reasons why consumers have done so. This paper deals with the interpretation of the term neuromarketing, which applies various neuroscientific methods to analyse and understand human behaviour. The ambition of the presented paper is also the evaluation of consumer opinions on the neuromarketing research itself using neuromarketing tools. In the next part, the paper also deals with selected ethical dilemmas that may arise during the research. Neuromarketing seems to be an ideal tool for obtaining data on consumer behaviour, so it is necessary to get thoroughly acquainted with it and this paper will offer the reader a suitable tool to use neuromarketing research to effectively obtain data in consumer behaviour.


Neuromarketing, Neuromarketing methods, Eyetracking, Electroencephalogram, Functional magnetic resonance


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Hula, R. (2022). Neuromarketing as a Tool for Data Acquisition in Consumer Behaviour. In: 22nd International Joint Conference Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment. Proceedings. Oeconomica Publishing House, Praha.

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