Conference proceedings 2022

19 – 20 May 2022, Bratislava

Table of Contents

Ethnocentric Tendencies of Consumer Behaviour and its Influence on the Perception of Private Labels

Marián Čvirik

Pages 1-9

Business Management Challenges of Companies in Europe during COVID-19 Period of 2019-2021

Rober Dygas

Pages 10-19

Neuromarketing as a Tool for Data Acquisition in Consumer Behaviour

Róbert Hula

Pages 20-33

The Need for More and Better Implementation of Sustainability in the Marketing Curriculum

Katarina Chomová

Pages 34-44

Comparison of the Use of Decision-Making Methods in Czech Companies as a Result of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Petra Kašparová

Pages 45-54

The Born Global Phenomenon – Case Study from Slovakia

Daniel Krajčík

Pages 55-66

The UN Global Compact: A New Perspective – The Dynamic Cyclical Spiral Evolutionary Model

Tomáš Kristek

Pages 67-77

Financing Long-Term Care in Germany and Slovakia

Gerda Schmahl

Pages 78-88

Digital Nomadism – Implemented Policies

Darina Svobodová

Pages 89-97

Level of Enterprise Risk Management in SMEs – Case study Czech Republic

Lenka Syrová

Pages 98-106

Green Hydrogen Production in Slovakia as Part of the Circular Economy 

Pavol Štuller – Peter Drábik – Dominika Vernerová

Pages 107-118

The Attractiveness of Weekend Housing and Holiday Cottages as a Trend in Slovakia and Surrounding Countries Impacts Real Estate Markets

Michal Vávra

Pages 119-132

Legal Aspects of Operating E-shops in the Slovak Republic

Štefan Žák – Mária Hasprová

Pages 133-141

Revision of Social Costs of Gambling in the Czech Republic

Jakub Žofčák – Josef Šíma

Pages 142-156

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Editor: Eva Křenková

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