The Need for More and Better Implementation of Sustainability in the Marketing Curriculum

Katarina Chomová


The reset of the economy worldwide after the Corona pandemic, now in 2022, is the perfect opportunity to invest in industries and business models based on the principles of sustainability and circularity. In the transition towards asustainable society and acircular economy model, the marketing educatorswill have acritical role by implementing environmental and social criteria in the marketing curriculum. At the same time marketing students understand that the world is a system in which their actions, as well as the actions of nations, have consequencesacross the globe and they require to learn more about sustainability during their university study. The author focuses on (i) analyzing why modern mainstream marketing as it has evolved is being challenged by emerging concerns about sustainability (ii) presenting why students are getting serious about sustainability (iii) describing curriculum and presenting key learning objectives in the area of sustainable marketing.


Education, Higher education institutions, Sustainable development, Sustainable marketing, Students


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Chomová, K. (2022). The Need for More and Better Implementation of Sustainability in the Marketing Curriculum. In: 22nd International Joint Conference Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment. Proceedings. Oeconomica Publishing House, Praha.


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