Impact of gender performance on empathic leadership of employees

Sanja Gutić Martinčić


The content of the paper is focused on compassionate, empathic leadership of employees, focusing on gender performance, specifically women as empathic leaders. The aim of the paper is to determine whether there are significant differences between female and male leaders in the acceptance and implementation of a compassionate empathic leadership style of employees. The research was conducted on a representative sample (n=120). A five-point Likert scale was used. The partial correlation coefficients used in the paper show that there is no significant difference between women and men in accepting and understanding their own emotions. Unlike men, women leaders are somewhat more inclined to develop the ability to just get rid of negative emotions and create a nursery of their own positive emotions. Much more and more often than men, they support colleagues and employees to express their emotions at work, as well as in spreading empathic values and processes of compassionate management of employees.


Leadership, style, empathy, gender.


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Gutić Martinčić, S.  (2023). Impact of gender performance on empathic leadership of employees. In: 23rd International Joint Conference Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment: Proceedings. Vydavateľstvo EKONÓM, Bratislava. pp. 133-143.


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