Conference proceedings 2023

18 – 19 May 2023, Praha

Table of Contents

Collaborative market-driving strategy in destination tourism: A systematic literature review

Herman Mahendra Abeykoon

Pages 10-24

Greenwashing knowledge as a determinant of consumer engagement in greenwashed word of mouth

Małgorzata Budzanowska-Drzewiecka – Anita Proszowska

Pages 25-39

Assessment of the Slovak business environment in the Doing Business Index

Adrián Čakanišin – Samuel Chlpek

Pages 40-52

Domestic versus foreign franchising gastronomic brand in the context of brand trust

Marián Čvirik – Monika Naďová Krošláková – Jozef Orgonáš – Peter Drábik

Pages 53-62

Challenges and opportunities of heritage tourism for European youth – The role of memorial houses in promoting European destinations

Vlad Diaconescu – Andreea-Fortuna Șchiopu

Pages 63-77

The Belt and Road Initiative’s impact on Poland in the period 2015-2022. International business implications

Robert Dygas

Pages 78-92

Reverse knowledge transfer – Case of Business Service Center in Slovakia

Sonia Ferenčíková – Dagmar Grachová

Pages 93-106

Impact of economic indicators of sustainable development of Slovak spas

Mária Halenárová – Jozef Gáll

Pages 107-116

Towards a more sustainable world – the UE efforts to establish more decent work conditions

Andżelika Kuźnar

Pages 117-132

Impact of gender performance on empathic leadership of employees

Sanja Gutić Martinčić

Pages 133-143

Importance of domestic tourism consumption and its connection to tourism employment

Anna Michálková – Martina Özoğlu

Pages 144-159

International diversification of business: The literature review

Mark Mishcheniuk

Pages 160-170

Application of natural language processing to enhance qualitative research used for marketing

Poj Netsiri – Marketa Lhotáková

Pages 171-180

Safe-haven currency behavior in crisis periods: The U.S. dollar, the Japanese yen, and the Swiss franc

Keehwan Park

Pages 181-191

The microfinance discourse

Tomáš Imrich Profant

Pages 192-204

Finding high export potential goods in the target market – The future prospect of Polish exports to the United States

Eliza Przeździecka

Pages 205-212

Empirical Evidence of the Macroeconomic Determinants of Income Inequality for Central and Eastern European Countries

Murat Sadiku – Luljeta Sadiku – Nimete Berisha

Pages 213-224

Automotive outward FDI from the Visegrad countries and Austria: Do indigenous companies invest abroad?

Magdolna Sass – Gabriella Tabajdi

Pages 225-235

Rail freight transport performance in the Central European region

Alexej Sato

Pages 236-247

Work and non-work adjustment. Are there differences between assignment expatriates and self-initiated expatriates?

Gabriela Strzelec

Pages 248-262

Can they get out of the middle-income technology trap? State strategies in Hungary and Türkiye in promoting automotive investments

Tamás Szigetvári – Gábor Túry

Pages 263-277

Typology of generation Z in terms of the use of digital technologies

Dana Vokounová

Pages 278-289

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