Typology of generation Z in terms of the use of digital technologies

Dana Vokounová


Generation Z is the first generation that grew up in a digital environment and on social networks. However, it is natural that not all members of this generation have the same attitudes towards digital technologies. The paper presents the results of a survey which purpose was to find out the knowledge and use of digital technologies by Generation Z in Slovakia. This paper aims to create a typology based on online shopping habits of this generation. Of the 6 types of digital consumer, the Bargain shopper has the largest representation, for which the extensive use of comparison shopping tools is characteristic. These shoppers are just looking for the lowest price and they are not truly loyal.


Digital marketing interactive content, online shopper typology.



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Vokounová, D.  (2023). Typology of generation Z in terms of the use of digital technologies. In: 23rd International Joint Conference Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment: Proceedings. Vydavateľstvo EKONÓM, Bratislava. pp. 278-289. https://doi.org/10.18267/pr.2023.kre.2490.22


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