Rail freight transport performance in the Central European region

Alexej Sato


Rail transport is an important branch of logistics that is widely supported by European and national institutions for its environmental friendliness and sustainability of operations. The relatively positive development of the economy in the past decade has allowed many states to increase the performance of rail freight transport. Unfortunately, the pandemic, energy crisis, and heightened global political tension slowed down the positive economic results at the end of the past decade. The paper aims to verify this statement and compare the performance of railway transport in the Central European region using the benchmarking method. At the same time, it points out some shortcomings in the influence of the state on the activities of railway transport operators and suggests possibilities for their improvement.


Rail freight transport, railroad transport performance, benchmarking, Central European region.



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Sato, A.  (2023). Rail freight transport performance in the Central European region. In: 23rd International Joint Conference Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment: Proceedings. Vydavateľstvo EKONÓM, Bratislava. pp. 236-247. https://doi.org/10.18267/pr.2023.kre.2490.19


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