International diversification of business: The literature review

Mark Mishcheniuk


In the context of international diversification in times of crisis, this article reviews the literature that describes the geographical diversification of the companies’ assets and activities and the impact of such diversification on their economic performance. There is a lot of research aimed at studying the links and dependencies between the level of diversification of various aspects of companies’ activities and their financial and other indicators. Most studies show the effectiveness of diversification strategies without considering the impact of crisis conditions. In this context, crisis, as an external factor, can be not only a risk factor for a company but also an incentive for a successful diversification project. For this article, studies that show different spectra of the impact of international diversification were chosen in order to identify the most significant areas for future research, which may also include mentioned crisis factors.


International diversification, crisis, globalization, literature review.


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Mishcheniuk, M.  (2023). International diversification of business: The literature review. In: 23rd International Joint Conference Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment: Proceedings. Vydavateľstvo EKONÓM, Bratislava. pp. 160-170.


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