Collaborative market-driving strategy in destination tourism: A systematic literature review

Herman Mahendra Abeykoon


This article presents a systematic literature review of studies on collaborative destination tourism marketing strategy and the implementation of market-driven and market-driving strategies related to market orientation. The review considered 104 selected articles published between 2007 and 2022 in 20 leading journals across the tourism and marketing/management categories, out of a pool of 879 articles. The review uncovered that markets are constantly evolving, and effective strategies are necessary, particularly in industries facing intense competition such as destination tourism. Collaborative strategies are crucial for destination tourism since different stakeholders possess varying resources and capabilities and are better suited for adapting to changing markets and enhancing performance. Further review shows that while collaborative destination tourism marketing has gained attention, the lack of emphasis on maximizing collaborative advantage, stakeholder growth, and destination competitiveness is notable. The review also reveals that market orientation has been adopted but broadly uses market-driven approaches. This overemphasis on market-driven approaches leads to increased zero-sum competition, underutilization of the destination’s potential, and a lack of market-driving approaches to attain collaborative growth. Additionally, the review discusses another limitation of a market-driven approach, which assumes stable markets and predictable consumer demand, and emphasizes the drawback of applying this approach to changing market conditions in which destination tourism operates.


Destination market-driving strategy, destination market-driven strategy, destination market orientation, destination tourism, collaborative destination marketing.


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Abeykoon, H.M. (2023). Collaborative market-driving strategy in destination tourism: A systematic literature review. In: 23rd International Joint Conference Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment: Proceedings. Vydavateľstvo EKONÓM, Bratislava. pp. 10-24.


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