Author: Eva Křenková

Typology of generation Z in terms of the use of digital technologies

Dana Vokounová Abstract Generation Z is the first generation that grew up in a digital environment and on social networks. However, it is natural that not all members of this generation have the same attitudes towards digital technologies. The paper presents the results of a survey which purpose was to find out the knowledge and […]

Can they get out of the middle-income technology trap? State strategies in Hungary and Türkiye in promoting automotive investments

Tamás Szigetvári – Gábor Túry Abstract Hungary and Türkiye show similar characteristics in many respects. At the same time, many differences can be discovered due to the domestic characteristics of the automotive industry, which explain the different alternatives of the state support mechanism. They have in common that the same pattern of economic policy results […]

Rail freight transport performance in the Central European region

Alexej Sato Abstract Rail transport is an important branch of logistics that is widely supported by European and national institutions for its environmental friendliness and sustainability of operations. The relatively positive development of the economy in the past decade has allowed many states to increase the performance of rail freight transport. Unfortunately, the pandemic, energy […]

Empirical Evidence of the Macroeconomic Determinants of Income Inequality for Central and Eastern European Countries

Murat Sadiku – Luljeta Sadiku – Nimete Berisha Abstract Income inequality has become an inevitable topic in every country regardless of its level of economic development. However, the increase of wealth with the outpouring of globalization has put a particular emphasis on the income inequality, especially for countries that were characterized as transition economies. Thus, […]

The microfinance discourse

Tomáš Imrich Profant Abstract This paper analyzes the microfinance discourse. It focuses on the main elements of this discourse, namely: the urgent need that led to the emergence of the microfinance discourse, the formation of objects, and the formation of enunciative modalities within the discourse. These rules of formation are chosen because of their importance. […]

Application of natural language processing to enhance qualitative research used for marketing

Poj Netsiri – Marketa Lhotáková Abstract Understanding consumer behavior can help improve marketing of the products. Market research normally applies conventional qualitative analysis to discover the reasons why consumers act and purchase products in a certain way. However, qualitative analysis with small samples is insufficient to make population-level summaries. On the other hand, qualitative analysis […]

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