Author: Eva Křenková

Greenwashing knowledge as a determinant of consumer engagement in greenwashed word of mouth

Małgorzata Budzanowska-Drzewiecka – Anita Proszowska Abstract With the growth of green marketing, greenwashing practices have emerged. These practices cause green scepticism among consumers, who may share information on these misleading pro-environmental marketing practices with others. Such informal communication has been called greenwashed word of mouth (WOM). The study extends the understanding of greenwashed WOM by […]

Collaborative market-driving strategy in destination tourism: A systematic literature review

Herman Mahendra Abeykoon Abstract This article presents a systematic literature review of studies on collaborative destination tourism marketing strategy and the implementation of market-driven and market-driving strategies related to market orientation. The review considered 104 selected articles published between 2007 and 2022 in 20 leading journals across the tourism and marketing/management categories, out of a […]


Jorge Vera-Martínez, Ph.D. Jorge Vera-Martínez holds a Ph.D. in Management Sciences, with an honorific mention, from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and an MBA (Concentration in Marketing) from the Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM). He also holds a degree in experimental psychology from the National University of Mexico (UNAM). Before his career in academe, […]


Konstantinos G. Kottikas, Ph.D. Dr. Konstantinos G. Kottikas is a Researcher of Marketing at Prague University of Economics and Business at the Department of Marketing. He obtained his Ph.D. on Innovative Marketing Strategies (Market-driven vs. Market-driving) from Athens University of Economics and Business. He specializes in the areas of quantitative and qualitative market research, marketing […]

Revision of Social Costs of Gambling in the Czech Republic

Jakub Žofčák – Josef Šíma Abstract Calculation of social costs of gambling is a widely used analytical tool to measure (often negative) impact of consumer (gambler) behavior to society. However, this tool is very often burdened with biases, inconsistent methodology and, most of all, incompatibility with well–established and widely used economic concepts. Along with comprehensive […]

Legal Aspects of Operating E-shops in the Slovak Republic

Štefan Žák – Mária Hasprová Abstract The main goal of the paper is to define the legal framework for the operation of e–shops and their mandatory documentation and to identify the limitations associated with the legislative regulation of the operation of e–shops in the conditions of the Slovak Republic. The theoretical framework of the article […]

The Attractiveness of Weekend Housing and Holiday Cottages as a Trend in Slovakia and Surrounding Countries Impacts Real Estate Markets

Michal Vávra Abstract During the coronavirus pandemic, holiday properties increased significantly in all regions of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The aim of the paper is to examine the current state of recreational real estate in the Czech and Slovak areas with the following definition of the intensity of the influence of decisive […]

Green Hydrogen Production in Slovakia as Part of the Circular Economy

Pavol Štuller – Peter Drábik – Dominika Vernerová Abstract The global energy system needs to perform a profound transformation to achieve the targets set by the Paris Agreement. In this context, low carbon electricity production from renewable sources, embedded with then global and national circulation economies, may become the preferred energy source. The share of […]

Level of Enterprise Risk Management in SMEs – Case study Czech Republic

Lenka Syrová Abstract Paper is focusing on assessment of the current level of Enterprise risk management (ERM) in SMEs in Czech Republic and evaluates the determinants for implementing the ERM. The primarydata was collected by questionnaire survey conducted in 2021, the sample size was 296. The paper employs Latent Class Analysis to segment classes, Tukey’s […]

Digital Nomadism – Implemented Policies

Darina Svobodová Abstract In the last two years, the global tourism and hospitality industry has experienced an unprecedented shock from the COVID–19 pandemic. Challenges across different fields in these industries worldwide became an important topic as well as remote forms of work. This study aims to investigate and compare what digital nomad policies have been […]

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