Author: Eva Křenková

Financing Long-Term Care in Germany and Slovakia

Gerda Schmahl Abstract The importance of long–term care (LTC), in terms of costs and demand, continues to grow in Slovakia and Germany. This is a direct consequence of demographic changes. The two countries are under pressure to find solutions to finance LTC. This paper aims to contribute to the acquisition of more knowledge about LTC […]

The UN Global Compact: A New Perspective – The Dynamic Cyclical Spiral Evolutionary Model

Tomáš Kristek Abstract Although the UN Global Compact (UNGC), as a CSR initiative, primarily targets businesses, it enables and facilitates disseminating standards and norms and communication between the international and local environment. However, the UNGC has faced considerable criticism. It has not lived up to expectations, does not respond to a global society’s complexity, and […]

The Born Global Phenomenon – Case Study from Slovakia

Daniel Krajčík Abstract The traditional theory of international trade suggests that companies will first establish a strong domestic market and only expand abroad in the later stages of their life cycle. This is in line with the so–called Uppsalamodel, whose basic idea is that sales and success abroad requires an understanding of the previously unknown […]

The Need for More and Better Implementation of Sustainability in the Marketing Curriculum

Katarina Chomová Abstract The reset of the economy worldwide after the Corona pandemic, now in 2022, is the perfect opportunity to invest in industries and business models based on the principles of sustainability and circularity. In the transition towards asustainable society and acircular economy model, the marketing educatorswill have acritical role by implementing environmental and […]

Neuromarketing as a Tool for Data Acquisition in Consumer Behaviour

Róbert Hula Abstract Technological progress brings several benefits in different areas. It allows us to look at the consumer and his behaviour in a completely different way than before. For a long time now, it has not just been about examining purchasing decisions, today it is about finding out the reasons why consumers have done […]

Business Management Challenges of Companies in Europe during COVID-19 Period of 2019-2021

Robert Dygas Abstract COVID–19 made a disruptive change to business management in the world in dimensions of security concern, remote work, human resource management. To keep the cash–flow positive by the companies is the big challenge today during unexpected lockdowns and severe restrictions. It also impacts the companies operating in Central and Eastern Europe in […]

Ethnocentric Tendencies of Consumer Behaviour and its Influence on the Perception of Private Labels

Marián Čvirik Abstract The main objective of this article is (1) Measuring consumer ethnocentrism, (2) measuring private label perception, (3) examining the relationship between consumer ethnocentrism and private label perception, and (4) identifying consumer segments based on private label perception and consumer ethnocentrism. The article is supported by a primary survey based on 281 respondents. […]

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