Category: Proceedings 2023

International diversification of business: The literature review

Mark Mishcheniuk Abstract In the context of international diversification in times of crisis, this article reviews the literature that describes the geographical diversification of the companies’ assets and activities and the impact of such diversification on their economic performance. There is a lot of research aimed at studying the links and dependencies between the level […]

Importance of domestic tourism consumption and its connection to tourism employment

Anna Michálková – Martina Özoğlu Abstract Recovery of tourism worldwide will be dependent on domestic tourism as it is stated by many world institutions engaged in tourism development. The aim of this paper is to determine the relationship between tourism consumption and its parts and tourism employment. For the purpose of this paper, the employment […]

Impact of gender performance on empathic leadership of employees

Sanja Gutić Martinčić Abstract The content of the paper is focused on compassionate, empathic leadership of employees, focusing on gender performance, specifically women as empathic leaders. The aim of the paper is to determine whether there are significant differences between female and male leaders in the acceptance and implementation of a compassionate empathic leadership style […]

Towards a more sustainable world – the UE efforts to establish more decent work conditions

Andżelika Kuźnar Abstract The aim of the paper is to present the evaluation of the EU activities in the promotion and implementation of more decent work conditions and therefore its contribution to achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) outside EU. The EU enforces sustainable development using different policies, including trade policy. Among specific sustainability issues addressed […]

Impact of economic indicators of sustainable development of Slovak spas

Mária Halenárová – Jozef Gáll Abstract The natural healing waters of the Slovak Republic are known for their uniqueness and rich content of healing mineral compounds. The aim of the article is to identify and apply indicators of sustainable tourism to the development of spa tourism using selected statistical methods. The data will be analyzed […]

Reverse knowledge transfer – Case of Business Service Center in Slovakia

Sonia Ferenčíková – Dagmar Grachová Abstract Many multinational organizations all over the world have incorporated shared service centers into their company strategies and activities. These centers provide their parent company a number of benefits, including cost savings, low-cost and skilled labor force as well as the favorable geographic location and time zone. The reverse knowledge […]

Challenges and opportunities of heritage tourism for European youth – The role of memorial houses in promoting European destinations

Vlad Diaconescu – Andreea-Fortuna Șchiopu Abstract This research focuses on youth interest in an underexploited niche of heritage tourism, namely memorial houses. A memorial house is a small museum dedicated to a personality who lived or was created in that house or both. Thus, sometime after the departure of this person to eternity, the house […]

Domestic versus foreign franchising gastronomic brand in the context of brand trust

Marián Čvirik – Monika Naďová Krošláková – Jozef Orgonáš – Peter Drábik Abstract The presented article deals with Brand trust issues in the context of the difference between domestic and foreign franchising brands. The aim of the presented article is to (1) measure the trustworthiness of a selected domestic (Pizza Mizza) and foreign franchising brand […]

Assessment of the Slovak business environment in the Doing Business Index

Adrián Čakanišin – Samuel Chlpek Abstract The state of the business environment reflects several factors that influence entrepreneurship in the country. A positive assessment of the environment should have a positive impact on the condition and development of businesses. The growth of enterprises A business environment is one way to compare whether a positive assessment […]

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